[STARDATE: 1390.2]  I’d like to share two uniform choices out there for TOS era.

Let me start by saying I DO NOT recommend ANOVOS – they are extremely overpriced and their customer service leaves much to be desired.

The Command tunic was purchased on Ebay from a seller in Singapore – and is of excellent quality. It ran about ¥7000 delivered. The material, details, braid, and insignia are top notch. They do run a bit on the small side, I wear a large in most shirts, but this is a bit snug – much like Shatner’s was; if you want a bit more room, I’d order a size up.

On the right is a CosplaySky waffle-weave minidress. It fits my wife as it should, not too short. While the fabric isn’t a screen used one, and the insignia is of slightly lesser quality than the tunic… I think it’s well worth the ¥4000 it cost on

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