Working on ideas. Since it seems clear that being our own fully independent group is best for us – I’d like to create a more clearly articulated direction and plan for us.

So, I’d like to hear from you guys about what you’d like us to do. What direction – what activities would be interesting and worthwhile to you.

Once we get a better idea of what we want to do – I’d like to create a simple handbook/constitution – a document that will be the core of how we work, and will be common to RSP and the the Kaga Star Trek aspect (the difference will be limited to trappings).

We do have a sort of handbook, which I will post the link to…

Some things that I’d like to move on before the end of the year is adding a bit more roleplay aspects to the Rank and Rewards system – something like generating assignments to accompany those promotions or rewards; as you progress you would have an imaginary career mapped out for you. At higher ranks you would be adding to the shared experience by naming and determining the ship you are given command of. This would also provide framework for creative projects, such as short stories or RPG gaming.

So sound off – tell me some things you’d like to do.

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