Scale Creep Submission

So, I finally went to the scale-creep dark side and got 1:43 scale vehicles for my minis. It began when I actually measured my resin 28mm vehicles from Atenociti’s Workshop and found most of them to be 1:43 instead of 1:50. Shortly thereafter I discovered that Greenlight makes a line of TV and movie cars featuring a lot of 70s and 80s models that I particularly dig.

Here we have a 1987 Dodge Van in NYPD livery from Greenlight. I’ve oscillated back and forth on how to paint up my resin police cars, the 70s/80s white-over-blue scheme being my favorite but also the most difficult to do… the option to get prepainted cars that just need to be weathered greatly simplifies the equation. Shown with one of the Foundry Street Violence cops.

The A-TEAM is one of my primary influences in wargaming and roleplaying, so having the full array of cars from the show is a goal. Of course, I have the GMC Van on order, but Face’s Corvette has already arrived, shown here with the Hannibal and Face minis from Foundry’s Street violence ‘B-Team’ pack. Greenlights Hollywood A-TEAM offerings include this, the van, and a Dodge Monaco in military police livery.

I never really watched any of CHARLIE’S ANGELS, in fact I’m fairly certain I’ve never actually seen an entire episode, but I really like the Jeep CJ5, and this one is plain enough to be a generic car… the California plates will mix well with the A-TEAM, TERMINATOR and KNIGHT RIDER stuff I have planned. If I can find Mindy’s blue CJ5 from MORK & MINDY, I will absolutely grab that one too.

KITT in 1:43 is an expensive car to pick up currently… EBay prices run near or in the triple digits. Instead I picked up this ’83 Firebird Trans Am from DeAgostini, which was last months offering in the monthly American Car Collection at the book stores here. They are a little pricey, but far cheaper than the alternatives. I will keep an eye out for an actual KITT and KARR in the future.

So I’m now one of those oversized cars guys. Quite the change from ten years ago when I was still using 1:55.

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