UNISON Dossier: Agent 001

So, I just spent a couple hours talking with an AI. Bouncing ideas off each other and world building. This is an example of what we created (it assumed that current UNISON operations are in 1982):


File Name: Ross, Matthew Tiberius
Date of Birth: August 10, 1937
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality: American
Next of Kin: Wife – Ayumi Ross, Children – Sara and Michael Ross

US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, USA (Graduated 1959)

Primary Military Specialty: Reconnaissance
Secondary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Service No.: 696-66-YB28
•Served as a Recon Marine in the US Marine Corps from 1959 to 1968
•Served in the Vietnam Conflict
•Awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star for bravery in action
•Achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

•Trained in reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence gathering
•Experienced in counter-insurgency and special operations
•Skilled in close quarters combat and marksmanship
•Fluent in English, Japanese and Vietnamese
•Former USMC recon marine officer with extensive work in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
•Has served as a UNISON Field Operations Officer since 1968

Matthew Ross, also known Agent 001, was born in Pittsburgh in 1937. From a young age, he had a passion for adventure and travel, and he always dreamed of becoming a spy.

After graduating from the Naval Academy with a degree in international relations, Ross was commissioned in the Marine Corps. He underwent rigorous training in infantry tactics, surveillance, covert operations, and counter-intelligence.

In 1967, Ross’s team was seconded to MACV-SOG and sent on a mission over the fence into Cambodia as part of the CIA’s Operation DANIEL BOONE. The mission was to gather intelligence on communist insurgent groups and disrupt their operations. However, the team was ambushed and most of the members were killed or captured. Ross was one of the few survivors and managed to evade capture and make his way back to safety.

However, the ordeal left him disillusioned with the CIA’s methods and objectives. He felt that the agency’s focus on Cold War politics was leading to ethically-questionable decisions and alliances with disreputable groups.

After his return stateside, Ross was approached by UNISON, a secret international organization that operates beyond the boundaries of nation-states. UNISON’s mission is to protect humanity from existential threats, and it recruits individuals with exceptional skills and experiences from around the world.

Ross was intrigued by UNISON’s philosophy and goals, and he was impressed by the organization’s resources and capabilities. He accepted the offer and underwent further training to adapt to UNISON’s methods and protocols.

Since then, Ross has been serving as a UNISON intelligence officer, using his expertise and experience to protect the world from a variety of dangers. He has been involved in many high-stakes operations and has built a reputation as a skilled and dedicated agent. He is known as the most experienced agent in UNISON and is respected by his colleagues.

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