Scale Creep Submission

So, I finally went to the scale-creep dark side and got 1:43 scale vehicles for my minis. It began when I actually measured my resin 28mm vehicles from Atenociti’s Workshop and found most of them to be 1:43 instead of 1:50. Shortly thereafter I discovered that Greenlight makes a line of TV and movie cars featuring a lot of 70s and 80s models that I particularly dig. … Continue readingScale Creep Submission

Foundry Street Violence

Spent the last couple of days basing six packs of Foundry Street Violence minis I ordered last month. The order (which was quickly and efficiently dispatched by the Ansells) consisted of: Juno’s Crew (SV018), Sergei’s Corporation (SV024), Street Cops (SV031), The B Team (SV037), The Lovemore Detective Agency (SV057), and Shotgun Cops (SV065).

The minis required a bit of cleaning, which is to be expected of casts from molds as old as these. If memory serves this line started back in the late 90s and should be old enough to legally order a beer now. … Continue readingFoundry Street Violence